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Healthy Back Bag Offer

Kitty Brown Boutique has stocked Healthy Back Bags for many years. They can be worn on your back, on your front or hung beneath your arm. They are chock full of pockets inside and out with zips for increased security. They are made from hard wearing fabric and will last you for many years. Designed from the beginning to be kind to your back they are extremely comfortable to take with you all day, every day.

Healthy Back Bags come in a wide range of colours and patterns so you can complement and contrast with your outfit or coat. Because they are not a traditional rucksack shape you avoid looking like you are setting out on walk in the Lake District when you are in fact nipping to the supermarket. However, if you are out in the fresh air you will find your Healthy Back Bag is perfect for your sandwiches, camera, or other things you may need with you.

For December if you buy a Healthy Back Bag you will get a baglett free. A baglett is a smaller version of a Healthy Back Bag suitable for your mobile phone, purse, tissues and those other little things we all need at all times. At Kitty Brown Boutique we have lots of different colours to choose from.

Great for holidays, shopping, baby supplies, all sorts of things, if you haven't tried a Healthy Back Bag, come along to Kitty Brown Boutique in Carnforth and try one for yourself.


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